At ILP I worked on Amazon's Carnival Row season 1. During the show I did a lot of tasks, ranging from handling a lot of the vegetation assets to texturing / ldeving assets and lighting sequences. I also worked on building some of the environments. We mainly used Maya and Houdini. You can view our breakdown below:

Besides from the cool shots above I've made an edit that highlights some of the shots I worked the most on. I did a lot of light work on the forest sequence, for an example. And I'm really happy with how the environment turned out that we see from the ship, that I worked on together with a few other really skilled pirates at ILP. One of my favourite tasks from the show though is texturing the flying airships that the bad guys fly in with. I think those shots turned out pretty badass.

These airships are menacing (and textured with Mari).

Carnival row airships